All and Some
All&Some is a pop-up group show of 4 artists who will show together for the first time. Barbara Beyer is a sculptor andprintmaker whose work explores landscapes both real and imagined. Her elemental forms explore themes of human perception and interference with environments.
Hiromi Fukikoshi RC creates clay sculptures that are observations as well as
messages which speak of human connections and social inequalities, from personal
struggles to wider geo-sociological structures. The art of Marie-Thérèse Ross
focuses on states of physical, emotional and psychological transformation. Her painted
wood sculptures explore themes that include sexuality, identity, immigration and
biographical stories. Sayako Sugawara’s images take the viewer on a journey
through the medium’s association with memory and layers of time. She plays with
real and illusionary landscapes created by her experimental photo processes
working in the dark room.
All 4 artists have found lockdown to be a pivotal moment in their creative history, as
they react to the world outside as well as their own interior worlds. Each reaches in
different directions of time and space to create work which invites the viewer on a