Location: Chichester Cathedral

Since July 2020, during Covid lockdown, the Royal Society of Sculptors have held bi-weekly online meetings to support each other, sharing ideas and successes as well as discussing obstacles like self-doubt and anxieties, which naturally occurred during this extremely challenging time.
These meetings inspired new ways of working together in collaboration during the pandemic. They helped harness the inner strength necessary to create works of art that reflect this important episode in our history. The digital zoom connection resulted in real life connectedness. And became the catalyst for a major exhibition of work by 26 RSS sculptors at Chichester Cathedral this summer.
The RSS is based in London, however this group of RSS members is based in South West UK and many of the artists exhibit internationally.
Visual arts advisor Jacquiline Creswell, who has been curating exhibitions at Chichester Cathedral for 6 years and prior to that at Salisbury Cathedral for 12 years, has helped bring this exhibition to the Cathedral. She says,
“Together We Rise is a counterpoint to the challenges of the last two years and an expression of the artists’ perseverance, by coming together through virtual means to overcome isolation, fear and doubt. The result is a flourishing of creativity, demonstrating the power of shared adversity overcome by shared endeavour. “
Artists involved
Tabatha Andrews, Barbara Beyer, Philip Booth, Judy Boyt, Karen Browning, Fiona Campbell, Dallas Collins, Alice Cunningham, Deborah Duffin, Anna Gillespie, Richard Goldsmith, Simon Hitchens, Jane Jobling, William Lasdun, Ian Marlow, Kate McDonnell, Seamus Moran, Rosie Musgrave, Rebecca Newnham, Kate Parsons, Colin Reid, Mark Richards, Roger Stephens, Jo Taylor, Patricia Volk and David Worthington.

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