Approved: 16.08.2006

Anna Keleher

Artist, Writer

Approved: 16.08.2006

Anna is a lively contemporary artist, writer and adventurer who explores  origins, ecosystems and the unseen with humour and inventivness. Her visionary storyblogs, writings, drawings and radio broadcasts challenge, inform and delight. Interspecies collaboration and communication informs her current practice.   

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      Artist Statement

      Anna is a lively contemporary artist, writer and adventurer who explores  origins, ecosystems and the unseen with humour and inventivness. Her visionary storyblogs, writings, drawings and radio broadcasts challenge, inform and delight. Interspecies collaboration and communication informs her current practice.   



      CV & Education

      Qualifications and training

      2009 M.A Arts and Ecology with distinction, Dartington college of Arts

      1984 - BA Hons Fine Art, University of Brighton

      2013- 2014 Encounters Associate 

      2017- 2018 Warm up by Emma Bush 

      Solo exhibitions 

      2013 "Place-Dreamer Pod" mobile sculpture with Claire Cote Marble Arch Caves Geopark, N.I

      2011 - "How Far From Home Are We?: An Illustrated Radio Journey" - gallery Installation., Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A

      2008 - "How Far from Home are We?:An iIlustrated Radio Journey "(collaborative audio/visual installation with Rebecca Beinart and Claire Cote) The lLbrary, Dartington College of Arts, Devon

      2008 - "If you'd like to ... Bristol ": audio installation , Arnolfini Bookshop, Bristol

      2008 - If you'd like to... Dartmoor, YHA Bellever, Dartmoor National Park

      Group exhibitions

      2014 - "If you'd like to ... (Taos Off-Grid) " -THE PASEO, Taos Fall Art Arts Festival, Taos, New Mexico, USA 

      2014 "Self -sufficiency and the power of dreams" mobile installation ( by Anna Keleher + Claire Coté) Renewable Energy Marketplace", Westpoint, Exeter invited by Regen S.W as Encounters associate artist,

      2012 - "If you'd like to Albuquerque mobile sculpture ,""Machine Wilderness "  ISEA 2012 at 516 ARTS, Albuquerque, New Mexico 2010 - Art, Ecology and the Economy, CCANW and Duchy Square Centre for Creativity, Haldon Forest Park, Exeter and Princetown, Dartmoor

      2010 - Salon Art Prize Exhibition, MRA Project Space (Matt Roberts Arts), 25 Vyner Street,   London 

      2010 - Stories, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton 2009 - Dispersal/Return: Landarts of the American West, University of New Mexico Art Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico

      2008 - Cinderella Hills: M.A Arts and Ecology , CCANW, Haldon Forest Park, Exeter

      2008 - English Riviera Geopark Exhibition, Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust/Cockington Court, Torquay

      2007 - Forest Dreaming ( Part 7), Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, Haldon Forest Park, Nr Exeter 2007 - Turbulence , Surface Gallery, Nottingham

      2006 - Reworked: an exhibition of recycled art, Oriel Washington Gallery, Penarth, Wales

      2005 - FOCAL mix (juried by Phillip Hughes and Ann F Jones Curator of Projects, Hayward Gallery), Ruthin Festival of Contemporary Art and Light, Wales

      Degree shows

      2008 - Divergence n50.26 w03.41: Arts and Ecology MA Show , Arnolfini bookshop/ Cube microplex cinema 

      2008  MA Arts and Ecology show Dartington campus : University College Falmouth

      Performance / Event / Live Streaming.

      2023 - Quiet Time :  A walk-shop of wonder and imagination - A performing ecologies  Artwork co-devised on location at Hope Cove Devon by Emma Bush and  Anna Keleher  

      2019 - 2020 "Night Walk" : A performance walk at Elberry Cove by Emma Bush with Mary Loveday and Anna Keleher. Night Walk is an An Air View event for Torbay funded by Arts Council England.

      2018 "How Spaniel are you?" A Performative workshop. Warm up 6 with Emma Bush, Mon June  25th 

      2017  "Pilgrim" -Camio de Santiago: Via de la Plata. 50 days wild camping on Pilgrim Trail.

      2015 Radio Dreaming Off-Grid Part 2: Shifting patterns and inventing dreams - Soundart Radio 102.5 Fm- live streaming. 6pm Tuesday 9th July.

      2014 - 26 September - "If you'd like to ... (Taos Off-Grid) " collaborative mobile sculpture  with Claire Coté-THE PASEO, Taos Fall Art Arts Festival, Taos, New Mexico, USA 

      2014- "Radio Dreaming and Radio Dreaming off-grid "- Six broadcasts live-streamed on Soundart Radio, Resonance Fm, KRZA Fm (New Mexico/ Colorado) Cavan Online Radio.

      2013 "The Radio Dreaming Broadcasts" - Episodes 1-6 , Soundart Radio, Resonance Fm, KRZA Fm (New Mexico/ Colorado), 

      2012 - "Radio Dreaming, Episodes 1-4," Cavan community radio, Riviera Radio, Soundart Radio, 22 stations worldwide via Radia Fm, KRZA , Cavan, Co. Cavan, Éire

      2011 - "An Andalusian Sound Journey", Soundart Radio and RADIA FM, Show 321 RADIA FM + Soundartradio 102.5 FM

      2011 -" How far from home are we?: an illustrated radio journey" sculptural installation, Harwood Art Center + KRZA 88.7 FM, New Mexico/Colorado USA + Soundart Radio 102.5 FM 

      2008 - "How far from home are we?: a radio journey", Radia FM , 13 European radio stations

      2007 - "The Pond" stop motion animation, Animated Exeter: Screen Out Loud, The Picture House & Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

      2007 - Girls on Film: Multimedia night, Night and Day, Oldham St, Manchester

      2007 - The Bigger Picture,The Big Screen Manchester , Cornerhouse/BBC Manchester, Exhange Square, Manchester

      2006 - Motionplymouth, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth Artist talks 2013 - Radio Dreaming Launch and Fundraiser, speaker Claire Coté live +Anna Keleher audio, OCHO Artspace, , Questa, New Mexico, USA

      Panel discussions/ Talks

      2012 - "An international collaboration shaped by technologies of the past, present and future" The Matter of Technology panel discussion Machine Wilderness , ISEA12 Albuquerque

      2012 - "Toby's walk" artist + expert performatnce walk, Berry Head National Nature Reserve visitor centre/ /Smooth Space


      2019 - "Night Walk" a performance walk by Emma Bush with Mary Loveday and Anna Keleher (Elberry Cove, Brixham).

      2018 - "How Spaniel Are you?" a trans-species performance workshop. Warm up 6 with Emma Bush, Mon June 25th 

      2012 - "Talisman Workshop", Berry Head National Nature Reserve Visitor Centre/ for English Riviera Geopark and Smooth Space in Brixham, Devon

      2010 - "Ice- Age Expedition", Geopark Festival Event Seashore Centre, , Goodrington Sands, Paignton

      2010 - Ice Age Dreaming, Global Geopark Marquee , Torquay, South Devon,

      2007 - "Eco Art Environmental Installation Workshop" , EarthDance Festival/British Council,, Vitosha National Park, Bulgaria


      2022 "Sharing territory" - A home grown trans species research project at "The Pines" - ongoing.

      2017  "Pilgrim" -Camio de Santiago: Via de la Plata. 50 days wild camping on Pilgrim Trail.

      2015 - "Wild Radio Project" a collaboration with Nigel Smallbones former Head Ranger at Berry Head National Nature Reserve, Torbay, England and online

      2012 -  Smoothspace in collaboration with Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust,Berry Head National Nature Reserve, Devon.

      2011 - Outlandia Micro-Residency, London Fieldworks Tree House Observatory, Glen Nevis, Lochaber Geopark, Scotland

      2011 - DREAMING PLACE: roving residency in collaboration with Claire Coté, Marble Arch Caves Geopark, Eire/Northern Ireland 

      2010 "Talking with things", English Riviera Geopark, Devon, 


      2012 -  "The Ballad of Berry Head" Audio/Video, Visitor Centre, Berry Head National Nature Reserve visitor centre/ Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust/ Smooth space

      2011 - "If you'd like to...Wild Rivers" roving audio installation Wild Rivers Recreation Center, New Mexico

      2010 - "If you'd like to..." roving audio installation " Great Sand Dunes National Park Visitor Centre, Colorado, USA, 

      Site-specific projects

      2017  "Pilgrim" -Camio de Santiago: Via de la Plata. 50 days wild camping on Pilgrim Trail.

      2015 - Wild Radio Project a collaboration with Nigel Smallbones at Berry Head National Nature Reserve, Torbay, South Devon, England

      2013 - Radio Dreaming Pod Tour, Marble Arch Caves Geopark,  Eire / Northern Ireland

      2011 -  DREAMING PLACE: Artists development project funded by National Lottery, through Arts Council England, Marble Arch Caves Geopark, Eire / Northern Ireland

      2011 -  "Speaking As Things,"English Riviera Geopark, UK and Sierras Subbéticas Geopark, Andalucia, Spain  

      2010 -  "If you'd like to...." National Parks and Preserves, Colorado, New Mexico U.S.A and Devon, EnglandI"

      2010 -"Talking with things", English Riviera Geopark, Devon and Wild Rivers Recreation Area  New Mexico

      2010 - "The Exchange", Prehistoric settlements, Dartmoor National Park UK and Tijeras Pueblo Archaeological Site, New Mexico, Gorta mcConnell prehistoric site, Marble Arch Caves Geoopark, N.Ireland

      2009 - Approaching an Exchange: Albuquerque, Land Arts/ University of New Mexico , Tijeras Pueblo Archaeological Site

      2009 - Forest Tunes, Centre for Contemporary Arts and the Natural World, Exeter

      2009 - "Butter Walk": An Experiment into Human Powered Energy, Dartmoor National Park

      2008 - "Eating Time, Taming Food": Prehistoric food practice experiments, Dartington College of Arts/CCAN//Dartmoor National Park

      2008 - Approaching an Exchange: Dartmoor -a performative walk, Dartington College of Arts , Avon dam Bronze Age settlement Dartmoor national park

      2008 - "If you'd like to ... Bristol ": an ambulatory audio installation, Arnolfini bookshop - ferry + quayside, Bristol

      2006 - Art Farm Project:selected by Louise Short & Andrew Cross, Middle Rocombe Farm, Stokeinteignhead, Devon 

      Competitions, prizes and awards

      2013 Kickstarter Crowd Funding for Radio Dreaming Pod Tour 

      2011 - Cork Street Open Exhibition 2011, shortlist, The Cork Street Gallery, W1S 3NG, 27-28 Cork Street, London

      2011 - Grants for the Arts award, National Lottery through Arts Council England , DREAMING PLACE/Marble Arch Caves Geopark

      2009 - Grant for the Arts - National Lottery through Arts Council England , Artists development project: RAT + talking with things, English Riviera Geopark, Devon UK, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, UNM Albuquerque and Wild Rivers Recreation Center, New Mexico 

      2007 - ECO Proof Prize Winner, Exeter Contemporary Open

      2007 Overall prize winner, ECO, Exeter Pheonix , Gandy Street, Exeter

      2006 - ArtSway Open06, ArtSway, Sway, Hampshire

      2006 - Sefton Open 06, Atkinson Gallery, Sefton, Southport, Merseyside 

      Press/ Publications/Journals

      November 2017 -Dreaming Place with Claire Coté published on Amazon Kindle 

      July 2015 -Axis Web Artist of the Month: An Interview with Lesley Guy: Exploring different technologies and the value of working with others.

      May 2014 - Axisweb Curated Selection Prize 2014: The Artists' Archive curated by Anneka French 

      March 2014 -Under the blanket of the land Clareand Anna Radio Dreaming reviewed by Dr Tracey Warr

      Febrary  2011 - European Geoparks Network: Contemporary Artist Anna Keleher visits Sierras Subbeticas Geopark" by Geologist Alicia Serna focuses  

      October 2011
      "DREAMING PLACE 60wrd/min review" by Lori Waxman as part of “The Exchange”, Cornwall UK. 

      April 2011 "Improvised cultural adventure" by Tempo Staff, "Taos News"

      This article in the “Taos News” (local newspaper for the town of Taos, New Mexico) features “How Far From Home Are We?” an exhibition and multi-sensory installation at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, of the collaborative project by Anna Keleher, Claire Coté and Rebecca Beinart.

      January 2010
      “Approaching an Exchange” featured on Extreme Media Studies Website
      As part of the LAND/ART project in New Mexico in the fall of 2009, Extreme Media Studies created an online exhibition of works from the many projects and exhibitions. Visit the online exhibition here.

      August 2010
      “Capturing the Motion of Your Gait” referenced in Tracey Warr’s blog
      In her blog post “Going to Outlandia”, Tracey Warr explores motion and mobility in the arts. One of the examples she uses is our project “Capturing the Motion of Your Gait”. Check out the post here.

      December 2009
      “Approaching an Exchange” featured in the book, LAND/ART New Mexico
      This culminating book for the LAND/ART project, features documentation of the large-scale collaborative project that took place in Albuquerque, NM in the fall of 2009 and involved over 25 organizations and over 200 artists, writers and performers (including us!).

      December 2008
      “Approaching an Exchange: Dartmoor” was featured in an article in the arts pages of Dartmoor Magazine, Issue 93, page 25

      September 2008
      “Approaching an Exchange: Dartmoor” – Radio interview on BBC Radio Devon
      The project, “Approaching an Exchange: Dartmoor” was featured in an interview with David Squires on “Devon Lives”, BBC Radio Devon, aired August 30 and September 2, 

      2008 -PROOF ( Issue No.1) 2008 

      2007 - Things that move / "Ecoski Devon