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Angela Kennedy

Artist, Community worker, Gallery educator, Lecturer / academic, Researcher

Approved: 22.08.2010

I am an interdisciplinary disabled artist, feminist, and trade union activist (a founding member of AUE - Artists Union England), with a multi-disciplinary practice.  

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        Artist Statement

        I am an interdisciplinary disabled artist, feminist, and trade union activist (a founding member of AUE - Artists Union England), with a multi-disciplinary practice.  

        A degree in Performance Art and ten years working as a Choreographer and Contemporary Dancer; followed by a degree in Creative Practice - major Fine Art and an MA in Fine Art in 2017.  My work is about embodied processes and the body rooted in the experiential training of Body-Mind Centering in the USA and Germany and many years as a practitioner of Contact Improvisation and Release.

        I am interested in how my inherently embodied practice of responding to site and mark making manifests into performance installation, drawing, text, poetry, movement, walking, spoken word, sound and video, with a physical disability which is now acute. 

        I am currently exploring listening to my body and seeing how adapting my practice to recent circumstances, regarding mobility issues and periods of intense pain over the last year, using improvised movement and mark making scores arising from embodied experiences, with drawing and painting as walking; my current PhD research with the University of Sunderland investigates how I can integrate these powerful new experiences through feminist responses to rural spaces. Then finding ways to translate those responses into installations, performances, and exhibitions, often with a live audience. 

        Through my Walking Practice and Drawing as Text, I have combined my practice-based research on feminist theory of embodiment and the reclaiming of rural territory, through artist led workshops on the different body systems.  This includes walking in woodland environments, where writing, drawing and authentic movement responses focus on the senses and principles of Body -Mind Centering.  

        In my MA in Fine Art I examined Feminist Art Theories, Feminist Geography and Drawing - through art walking in urban environments, through scaled text, automatic and stream of consciousness writing, performance, video and audio works. Culminating in a body of work called 'Vein'.

        I am one of the founding member of the first Artists Trade Union in England for Visual and Socially Engaged Artists: AUE- Artists Union England, Excutive member 2012-18

        My socially engaged practice overlaps my own art practice, both areas of my practice reflect a lifelong focus on issues concerning social justice, identity and gender. This might include, for example, walking with others in participatory projects in rural settings as well as within urban communities, so as to discover and engage with people in small but powerful ways, through gentle conversations about their communities and lives, with responses through mark making, drawing, text, poetry and acts of collective performance poetry.

        In a site specific residency for '25sg' I used Authentic Movement processes to develop improvised movement scores. This work explored my relationship to the spaces and developed material which resonated with me physically and emotionally. Out of that process, themes of the elemental, injury and nurturing emerged, resulting in three installations, part of which was video and live performance. Please see the 25sg link on my CV. My work has investigated the different body systems through the experiential training of Body-Mind Centring in the USA and Germany; particularly the Skeleton, Organ and Nervous systems. These explorations manifested into text and poetry, were embroidered onto clothes, embossed on copper sculptures, and then developed into soft white multiples of felt sculpture. In two solo exhibitions of paintings I focused on the use of improvisation through colour, gesture and mark making, using oils, acrylics and mixed media.

        As a dance performance artist I have made over twenty five pieces of performance and dance theatre. My movement and dance work is influenced by the experimental movement forms of Contact Improvisation, Release and artists such as Rosemary Butcher and Pina Bausch. I have made performances for theatres, galleries, cabaret evenings, parks, poetry and women's events; often using text as part of the performance.


        CV & Education


        Higher Education:  

        2021 - Present   PhD Student, University of Sunderland.

        2016 - 17     University  of Sunderland, MA Fine Art 

        2013-14       University of Chichester Postgraduate Pre-PhD tutorials Preparation programme    

        2006- 08      Leeds Metropolitain University, in partnership with Newcastle College

        2001-05       University of Sunderland

        1997-99       University of Northumbria

        1983-86       Middlesex Polytechnic

        Further Education:   1981-83        Newcastle College         

        Secondary Education:  1978-79        Monkwearmouth College, Sunderland

        1971-77        Pennywell Comprehensive, Sunderland.



                                                 M.A. Fine Art 

                                                 B.A. (Hons) Performance Arts (2i)

                                                 B.A. (Hons) Creative Practice, Fine Art (2i)

                                                 Diploma in Fine Art

                                                 Diploma of Higher Education

                                                 Foundation Certificate in Fine Art

                                                 Grade Five Theory of Music


        Other web sites:



        2018:  'Artists' Union England - A New Trade Union'. CAMEo Cuts, University of Leicester Reserach Institute for Cultural and Media Economics, June

        2013: Responsible scientists and a citizens' panel: new storylines for creative engagement between science and the public. By Philip A Robinson, Phil Macnaghten, Sarah Banks, Janie Bickersteth, Angela Kennedy, Yvonne Richardson, Sue Shaw, Ingrid Sylvestre.


        Recent Projects, Residencies, Installations, Exhibitions, Performance, Commissions and Choreography, Video's, Films, Site Responsive and Community Work:


        Sept 2021 - Two Mindful Creative Walks for Women - High Stoop Woods,Tow Law, Durham.

        Feb 2021 - Started a practice based Art PhD at Univiersty of Sunderland,

        April - May 2020 - Course : 'The Art of Invitation' with Encounter Art's and Northern Heartlands. 

        2019 and 2020 – Zine making workshops for Young People, for Durham ‘Changing Relations’ CIC co.

        October 2019 - Commission for: Library Interventions Symposium: Disappearing Reappearing by Leeds Arts University Library. Performance Installation, including: Spoken Word, Text, Drawing and a Sedum Installation. 

        BAIT Project - 'Colour To The Grey': 11 April - 7 July 2019. Working with young people in Blyth and Bedlington to respond to the theme of Well Being and LGBT issues, using Clay, Book Making, Installation using non traditional materials; Zine and Placard making toward Blyth Carnival. 

        Comfrey/Baltic Project 3-19 June 2019: working with Refugees to create their own Scultpures using Re-Cycled materials, using the Ifeoma U. Anyaeji Exhibition as inspiration.

        RSC Workshop with Erica Whyman, 7 June 2019, Northern Festival, Northern Stage.

        2015 – Present – Freelance Artist for BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art; workshops for: young people, families, refugees, children in schools, children with SEND.

        2013 - present, part-time: Creative Broker for Arts Connect, working with children and young people who want to do inclusive arts activities outside of school.

        Geographies of Gender - Jan 2019. An Interdisciplinary conference on Gender, Place and Space, University of Winchester; Showing of two video's: Charles St, and Field 1. 

        Leicester Univeristy, 3 April 2019. PowerPoint presentation on theme of  Artists as Workers for AUE - Artists Union England

        Heart workshop- using principles of Body- Mind Centering :for Improvisation group 'dine', 20 January 2019; 12-4pm Wylam, Northumberland.

        Drawing Workshop, Sept 2018 - The Other Great Exhibition of the North,
        Drink and Draw event, Tyneside Irish Centre

        Where the Waters Meet - Glendale Gateway Trust July 2018 - Wooler Middle School, Northumberland.  3 day project focusing upon Food Chains, Relationships within a local River Habitat in Wooler: Brown Trout and Mayfly through Water Colour pencils drawing and paintings, plus Wire Mayflys. 

        Performance - for the closing of one day Symposium: 'The Embodied Experience of Drawing' Plymouth, 13 April 2018 

        Residency - 'Drawing as Improvised Process' - Priestman Gallery, University of Sunderland 19-23 March 2018. Exhibition with Performance opening 23rd; exhibition continued to 29 March 2018 

        Atkinson Gallery, Somerset - Work chosen for National MA and Post Graduate show, 19 Feb - 17 March 2018

        'Benign' group exhibition - Priestman Gallery, University Sunderland, Sept-Oct 2017, Performance, Installation, Video and Audio work - 'Vein' body of work

        'Charles Street' Performance - April 2017, Site responsive, Video by Angela Kennedy and Laura Crow

        'Nasty Women' - April 2017, Text and Performance, Byker Community Centre

        'Moving on Up, Moving on Out' - Group exhibition, Feb 2017, Newbridge Project, Newcastle

        'Women's Work' and 'Horizontal' - August 2016. Performance Poetry and Movement performance - part of the Accummulations Project, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester

        'Walking Together' - July 2015, Lead artist for community/socially engaged project for Ben Jones CIC 'Dingy Butterflies', Bensham,Gateshead:

        Publications - ‘A Tool to Liberate: The Role of Improvisation in Dance’ (2007) Movement Languages in Early Childhood Education, Early Arts North East p9.

        Film - ‘Waiting’, 1 minute 38 second film, made in collaboration with Animator and Video artist Laura Crow -  Shown as part of ‘Fresh’ event Dance City Dec 2011, Newcastle upon Tyne and ‘Art Houses’, part of Whitley Bay Film Festival September 2012


        Site Specific


        'Charles Street' - Performance - site responsive, April 2017, video by Angela Kennedy and Laura Crow

        February 2016 - 'Take Your Seats' - Live drawing for day of performances and installations at Shipley Art Galllery and Liz Pavey:

        2012-14  'Field' - a series of rural self portraits through video, exploring feminist theory of emodiment and the territory of the rural.

        2012 – ‘A Word From Each’, Particpatory Installation; Heaton Arts Festival, St Gabriel’s church, Heaton, Newcastle

        2011 – ‘Traces’, Sanctuary Art space, Gateshead, a site responsive installation-including  performance from Soprano Rachel Dison, drawings/rubbings and text, October 2011

        2011 – CELL, a sound, text and art responsive installation at the Old Prison Cells, Gateshead Old Town Hall, part of GIFT – Gateshead International Festival of Theatre, May 2011

        2011 – ‘Waiting’, a site specific performance in Leazes Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, with video artist Laura Crow and musicians, Penny Callow and Margot Hardman




        2018 - 'Drawing as Improvised Process' - Priestman Gallery, Univesity of Sunderland 19-23 March 2018. Exhibition with Performance opening 23rd; exhbition continued to 29 March 2018 

        2011 – ‘blue’, a four week residency at Highbridge studios and gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, culminating in a Performance Installation, see recent blog:

        2010 – ‘Resonant Threads’ 10 day residency at ‘25sg’, three installations, one video performance, one live performance

        1990-91 – ‘Hear Me’ - collaboration with six women performers, live music from ‘The Lurv  The Gulbenkian Studio, Newcastle upon Tyne - plus a week’s tour of South Tyneside.  Funded by Northern Arts, Artists Agency & South Tyneside Council, Tyne & Wear



        Performance - for the closing of one day Symposium: 'The Embodied Experience of Drawing' Plymouth, 13 April 2018 

        Residency - 'Drawing as Improvised Process' - Priestman Gallery, Univesity of Sunderland 19-23 March 2018. Exhibition with Performance, opening 23rd; exhbition continued to 29 March 2018 

        August 2016 - 'Women's Work' and 'Horizontal' - Performance Poetry and Movement performance - part of the 'Accummulations Project', Whitworth Gallery, Manchester.

        May 2016 - Newcastle Literary Salon, 15 min performance slot on an evening of work around the theme of Mental and Physical Health

        March 2016 - Performance Poetry for Art and Activisim conference, University of Warwick:

        2014 - Performance - 'Dance For Alice', at the North East Femisnist Gathering 

        2013 - Anti Sexism gig, World Headquarters night club, Newcastle - Performence Poetry

        2012 – 'An Age', Collaborative verbatim theatre performance with The Paper Birds Theatre Company, Northern Stage:

        2012 – The Late Shows – ‘blue II’, Live Performance Installation at Baltic 39, Newcastle

        2011 – ‘blue’, Performance Installation Residency at Highbridge studios and gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, culminating in a - see above for blog site

        2010 - Mentor/Choreographic Consultant for Appetite Dance Productions

        2010 – Dream Boat and Wind Power, a live and video performance, ‘25sg’ Newcastle.

        2009 – Medulla, a duet, Lab Space – Dance City, one week, August, working with two dancers: Garner Harris and Mona McCarthy devising new movement and dance material 2008- 9  Urban Landscapes - Consultant choreographer/mentor for performer and choreographer Garner Harris – Two weeks

        2005 - Holding an Interactive performance piece, and The Watergirls, a duet with Helena Nicolao, Chiemsee, Germany

        2003 - BMC or Building Materials Co-operative – a piece of performance poetry at Amherst University, Massachusetts, USA.

        2002 - Wizard of Oz - choreography for Greenside Primary School, Gateshead

        1999 - Quicksilver – choreography for video artist Barbara Keaton 

        1998/99 - Riverain – Video collaboration with video artist, Barbara Keating, a three minute promotional video for a site specific time-based film & gallery installation; shot in Sunderland – on the banks of the river Wear.

        1995 - Roots – Solo performance at Magdalena Project, Cardiff & ‘A Bit Crack’ Storytelling Club, Newcastle

        1993 - The Colour of Mother II - with original score from composer Geoff Smith – Nov. ‘The Garage’, Dance City, Newcastle. Funded by Northern Arts

        1993 April - The Colour of Mother - solo performance with live text - Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast. 

        1992      ‘Quizzing Glass' & 'Quizzing Glass II' –  Collaboartion with Delta Streete on her work Quizzing Glass.  Also as a commission from Rochdale Arts Gallery and 1992 , then performed at Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne and for BBC 2 –'Out of Our Heads' programme, a collaborative project with visual/performance artist Delta Streete.

        1992 Aug – Oct No Fear of Flying – Dancer and Deviser in collaboration with the Company and Director, Jeremy Warr – Dance City, Newcastle upon Tyne       

        1992 Aquinas Dance – Durham University Festival of Philosophy Cathedral Buildings, Crewe and Alsager College and Heaton Adult Education Centre - Collaboration with Sharon Higgenson and Philosopher Mike Bavidge

        1989 - Control - Collaboration with performer Michael Cudlip: The Gulbenkian Studio, Newcastle upon Tyne and Chisenhale Dance Space, London.  Funding from Northern Arts

        1989 - The Woman Within - solo performance inspired by the book by Tomie Ohara with live text - The Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend, Assembly Rooms, Durham and DLI Museum Durham. Funded by North Tyneside Council

        1988 - Mrs. Thompson - The Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend, Live Theatre Newcastle upon Tyne and Dance City, Newcastle upon Tyne

        1987 - Red Shoes, Not Quite Isadora and Fishy Dance - collaboration with performance poet Brigit Bard, The Rosemary Branch, Islington, London

        1986 - Woman - Hold My Hand: solo, music by ‘Sweet Honey in the Rock’ - Moonshine Youth Theatre, Brent, London

        1986 - Visions Rising: a solo devised and performed in The Diorama, London & Barnet Arts Centre

        1986 - 'Under the Surface' - six female dancers, inspired by working class lives of women in Sunderland and the documentary photographs of Nick Hegdes book The Factory Worker, with live electric double bass - The Dance Theatre, Middlesex Polytechnic

        1985 - Big Sea of Their Dreams:  a trio for women, inspired by The Prologue of Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas; music -  C.S. Bach, Cello Concerto – suite no.1 G Major, Middlesex Polytechnic

        1985 - Down and Out – a solo devised with workshops for 11-13 year old girls at a North London Secondary School; music – ‘Material World’ by Madonna

        1985 - Mrs. Thompson in Winter – a trio for women, inspired by a poem by Charles Wilkinson, Middlesex Polytechnic

        1984 - The Movement is the Meaning, The Meaning is the Movement a duet for female and male – music by Carmel, Middlesex Polytechnic

        1983 - Bad Day, solo – music by Carmel, Middlesex Polytechnic    




        2012 - A Corporeal Heart – Including ‘Waiting II’, An evening of experimental films by 3 artists at ‘25sg’ Heaton, Newcastle

        2010 - Age of Austerity – co-produced and curated a multi-media event involving an exhibition of 20 artists work, live music and performance poetry, Newcastle



        Artists' Union England - AUE, Chair and Joint Chair - Founding and Executive member 2012 to June 2018.

        NEFG  - North East Feminist Gathering, part of a women's collective re 2013, ongoing

        Women's Space - Newcastle - a informal safe space for women to meet fortnightly; helped to set up and facilitate from 2013


        Exhibitions/ Solo


        2018 - 'Drawing as Improvised Process' - Priestman Gallery, Univesity of Sunderland 19-23 March 2018. Exhibition with Performance opening 23rd; exhbition continued to 29 March 2018 

        2010 – DREAM BOAT - Video Installation, High Bridge Studio’s, Newcastle upon Tyne

        2009 - PULLWaygood Hanging Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2009

        2008 - CHROMA Square Yard Gallery, April and Dance City, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sept – Dec 08


        Group Exhibitions


        Atkinson Gallery, Somerset - Work chosen for National MA and Post Graduate show, 19 Feb - 17 March 2018

        2015 - 'Field' - shown at 'Art Houses' event - part of the Whitley Bay Film Festival

        2013 - film 'Waiting', shown in a tent - part of the 'Art Houses' event - re Whitley Bay Film Festival

        2012 – Studio Q, Summer Salon, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

        2011 – ‘Traces’ - St. Edmunds‘s Church, Gateshead

        2010 - Asuntos Pendientes, Highbridge gallery and studios, Newcastle upon Tyne

        2009 - Living North Spring Art Fair, Newcastle Racecourse

        2008 - Mushroom Works, Byker Newcastle upon Tyne   

        2008 - Leeds Metropolitan University - Pink Hover chosen to go the University of Leeds week long art fair as part of Regional Network of Partner colleges

        2008 - FIVEBailiffgate Museum and Gallery, Alnwick, Northumberland

        2008 - INTERIM Square Yard Exhibition Space, Newcastle upon Tyne

        2007 - LUSTRUMThe People’s Theatre, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne



        2009 - Private commission for two paintings – themes: Birth and Death

        1992 - Quizzing Glass & Quizzing Glass II – Commission from: Rochdale Arts Gallery part of ‘Columbus Drowning’ Exhibition, collaborative performance with artist Delta Streete

        1992 – Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne and for BBC 2 – 'Out of Our Heads' programme, a collaborative project with visual/performance artist Delta Streete


        Feedback Forum- Independent Dance network

        2011 – Showing of ‘Dream Boat’ video at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, Londo     


        Other Web Pages/ Links:


        Teaching, Facilitation, Lecturing, AIR Council Member, Children’s Charity work and general experience only

        2019 and 2020 – Zine making workshops for Young People, for Durham ‘Changing Relations’ CIC co

        2015 – Present – Freelance Artist for BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

        BAIT Project - 'Colour To The Grey': 11 April - 7 July 2019. Working with young people in Blyth and Bedlington to respond to the theme of Well Being and LGBT issues, using Clay, Book Making, Installation using non-traditional materials; Zine and Placard making toward Blyth Carnival. 

        Comfrey/Baltic Project 3-19 June 2019: working with Refugees to create their own Sculpture’s using Re-Cycled materials, using the Ifeoma U. Anyaeji Exhibition as inspiration.

        2018 - Workshop - Facilitaton of Drawing Parcipation for NE CEVAN event AMPLIFY - Cobalt Studio, Newcastle

        2016 - 6 Northumberland Primary Schools, all day workshops re Stencilling: planning, research, delivery for the Heritage Lottery Project: Horsely Organ Restoration Project. 

        2013 – to date,  Creative Broker for Arts Connect - part time

        2014 - 4 day project: 'Coquet Voices' School Heritage project, Rothbury School, Northumberland.

        2013 - 3 day project: Coquet Voices, School Project, Northumberland

        2012 – Teacher/Lecturer with Braena Interdisciplinary Performance Co, Sunderland

        2002 to date - Sunderland University - Visiting Lecturer in Choreography

        2011 to date - d.i.n.e. dance improvisation north east – founding member

        2005 to date - Freelance Artist for the Baltic Education and Learning Team - visual art and performance workshops for under fives, families, children, including children with disabilities, autism and visual impairment; leading professional development training for teachers re how to use exhibitions as stimuli for further work with children

        2010 to 2012 – AIR Council member – A Voice for Artists:

        2011 – Art workshops - Children, Families, Toddlers, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead

        2011 – Two Movement Release Dance classes for Dance City Dance professionals, January

        2008-10 Visiting Lecturer, Northumbria University, Fundamental Movement and Improvisation and the Body - both Modules

        2010 – Art workshops for Brownies at a sleepover at BALTIC

        2010 – BALTIC – Workshops with Primary School, using current exhibitions and P4C - Philosophy for Children

        2010 – Jan – June, Creative Partnerships, Artist - Sculpture, Drawing, Site Specific and Movement workshops, Thorny Close Primary School, Sunderland

        2009-10 Great Art Quest, The BALTIC, a Storytelling and

        Visual Art project for 4 Schools in Gateshead alongside artist Louise Bradley.

        2009 - 6 weekend dates Busy B’s- The BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, running Drop-in Family Visual Art sessions based on exhibitions at BALTIC

        2008 - 09 - Good for the SoulArts and Health mentoring project with Visual Artist Steve Marshall, Bishop Auckland. 

        2009 - Workshop leader for Northumbria University Symposium on Sustainability, Ecology     and the Moving Body

        2009 – March - June ‘Still Moving’ – Working with Elders at Fountain Court, Bensham and Rowlands Gill community Centre

        2009 – June South Beach First School, Blyth - Engineering themed Art and Movement Project with Reception

        2009 - Creative Partnerships – choreographer, Seaton Delaval First School

        2008-8 - Haltwhistle Films – DVD called ‘Learn to Dance to Learn’- One of six dance artists on this DVD – Section on Physical Development; Movement and Dance for the Under fives for Creative Partnerships project

        2008 – April – July, Wallsend Women’s Art Project – One hour a week for ten weeks, The Buddle Arts Centre, Copper Sculpture Project, based on women’s experiences of the Wallsend Shipbuilding Industry.

        2008 – Jan - March, Creative Partnerships, NorthumberlandWylam First School.  One day a week for 10 weeks: Movement, Dance and Visual Arts project on ‘Rivers’.

        2008 - 8 days of dance workshops with Primary Schools in Darlington re the theme of Engineering

        2007 - Visual Artist, co-facilitating the Design of a Xmas Card for

        North Tyneside Council with 50 children – on the theme of ‘Make Poverty History’

        2007 - Creative Partnerships -Wylam First School, workshops for Nursery and Reception

        2007 - Creative Partnerships, Northumberland, consultant Dance Artist

        2007 - Article published by Sightlines Initiative re my workshop and practice for the national conference below called “A Tool to Liberate: the Role of Improvisation in Dance”

        2007 - Training and Professional Development: led workshops for teachers for Newcastle   Sports Schools Partnerships.

        2006      “Body Language Symposium”, First National Seminar on Creative Movement and Dance for Under-Fives: Workshop Leader on “The Role of Improvisation”, Sightlines/Dance City

        2006 - Baltic, June, “Looking and Learning”: 2 Performance Workshops

                                               for Cleveland Schools, using exhibitions as a stimulus

        2006 - Newcastle City Council, half-day training for teachers

        2006    Baltic, March & April, Workshops in Performance:      

                                            Professional Development for Teachers   

        2006 - Creative Consultancy day, Gateshead Council with 8-13 yrs

        2006-7 Creative Movement and Dance Sessions for Newcastle City

                                                        Council School Sports Partnership at:

                                              St Oswald’s, Reception Class

                                              St Lawrence’s, Yr Two Dance club

                                              Grange Park, Dance club

                                              Benton Park: Nursery, Reception, & Yr 1/2 dance club x 24

          English Martyrs RC:  Yr 1 and 2, x 12

          Gosforth First: Nursery, Reception, Year One 

          St. Catherine’s: Nursery x 3

          Broadway East First:  Reception x 3

          Grange First: Year 2 x3 

          Archbishop Runcie First: Reception & Year 2


        2005-06             Anatomical Release for Dance Connect Programme - Dance City


        2006                  Gateshead Women’s Health Project, movement/dance sessions 2005                                   Guest Teacher, for Dance Professionals, Dance City.

        2005                  Anatomical Release Class - Wylam, Northumberland.

        2005                  Deckham Girls Group, Gateshead - Choreography.

        2005                  St Bedes Infant & Junior School, Washington, Sunderland –

                                            Movement/Dance sessions with Nursery and Reception.

        2005                  Harlow Green Infants School, Gateshead - Movement/Dance

                    Taster sessions with every class, plus Training session for Teaching Staff.                                  

        2003 to 2004     Pallion Primary School, Sunderland - Creative Movement and

                                                        Dance with Year Six ‘Pupil First' Project.                                  

        2003 to 2005     Sure Start, Blyth - Movement and Dance sessions with Babies

                                                        and Carers

        2003                 Gateshead Libraries & Arts - Shipley Art Gallery, Training

                                                              Day for Teachers.

        2002                 Greenside Primary, Gateshead: Choreography for ‘Wizard       of Oz’.

        2001/02/03       North Tyneside Council/Gateshead Council – Teacher Training:

                                               ‘Developing Self Expression through Dance in the Early Year


        1999 to 2001     Project Worker, The Children’s Society/Investing In

                                              Children, Durham - Set Up/Ran First IIC Membership

                                               Scheme for Child Friendly Organisations.

         2000                  Training Delivery for Workers of Children's Services, Wales re.

                                                        Consultation with/Participation of Children.

         2001                  Consultant/Adult Inspector for SSI - Social Services Inspectorate

        (With team of Young People Inspectors) on inspection of    Sunderland Children's Services.

         2001 to 2003     Project Worker - The Children's Society/N.D.C.D.P

                                                        (Newcastle Diocesan Community Development Project).

         2002 to 2003     inc. Organisation of and Participation in reciprocal Youth

                                              Exchange from the North East to Slovakia, also inc. Greek

                                              Cypriot young people, looking at the issue of ‘Safety’.

         1999 -2000:                  “Dancing with Light” – collaboration with Video Artist, Barbara

                                               Keating with Under 5’s at Ashfield Nursery, Elswick, Newcastle.

         1999/2000:                   Creative Dance classes for Under 5’s and Year 3 – Greenside      

                                                        Primary School, Gateshead.

                                       1999                            Choreography for video “Quicksilver’ by Video artist,

                                Barbara Keating.

         1998-99                      Choreography – for ‘Riverain’, a six minute promotional video for a    site specific film in collaboration with Barbara Keating.

        1998-9:                        Art Ambassador - The Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, 6 month project with young people

        1996-9:                         Sunderland University -Visiting Lecturer, Experimental Dance and Choreography

        1998/9:                         Gateshead Libraries & Arts- Movement/Dance with Elders

        1998/9:                         Equal Arts- Movement/Dance with Elderly

        1997:   INSET for North Tyneside Council Teachers:  How to Use

                                              Movement & Dance with Young Children (part of Reggio Emilia

                                              ‘Hundred Languages of Children’ Training Programme).                              

        1996&97:                     Wallington Hall, Northumberland - Movement/Dance Workshops 

                                                for Children

                    1996:                 Cleveland Arts - Hartlepool, Dance Workshops - Day Centre for

                                                        People with Disabilities (with Wyrd Arts, Co. Durham) –

                                                                    Co-Consultant Choreographer.

        1995:               Storytelling Performance for ‘a bit Crack’ Storytelling club, Cumberland Arms, Byker

                    1993:               INSET: Movement and Dance for Primary School Teachers, Stanley, County Durham

                    1993:               Raby Street School – Choreography & Collaboration with Sculptor - Tall Ships Festival, Newcastle upon Tyne

                    1992/3:            Celebrating Nature Project - Rising Sun Countryside Centre, Four Schools in North Tyneside:  Facilitation and Choreography

                    1992/3:            Equal Arts, Gateshead - Dance Support Worker

                    1992:               International Women’s Day Celebrations - Dance Workshops for a Women’s Performance, North Tyneside

                    1992:               Women’s Health in South Tyneside - Dance Workshops

                    1992:               Dudley Peoples Centre, North Tyneside- Dance Workshops for

                                            Young Women’s Group

                    1991:               Earlshouse Hospital, Durham - Movement Work with Women with learning disabilities/Highfield Day Hospital - Working with People with Dementia

                    1990/91:          Dancer in Residence for South Tyneside, working with young

                                            mothers, the unemployed, women in rehabilitation.

                    1990:               'Dance Leaders in the Community' Course Set up and ran based at New College, Durham

                    1990:               Dance element of Multi-Media Residency - Northgate Hospital

                    1990:               Lecturer, GCSE Dance – New College, Durham

                    1990:               Medieval Dance Project – Stocksfield Avenue Primary, Newcastle

                    1989/90:          Contact Improvisation and Release Teacher - Dance City, Newcastle:  Set up and ran first regular classes in the Region.

                    1989/90:          Creative Dance classes for 5-10 year olds – Byker Community Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne   

                    1989/90:          Northgate Hospital, Morpeth  - Working with Elderly Women  

                                                        with Learning disabilities

                    1989:               Dance/Drama Workshops: Co-Worker – Meadow Well Youth Drama Group, North Shields & Whitley Bay YMCA

                    1989:               Choreographer, Creative Dance Project - Coquet High School, Amble, Northumberland

                    1988/89:          Lecturer in Movement Studies - Newcastle College

                    1988:               North Tyneside Council Women’s Committee – Dance Workshops for International Women’s Day

                    1988:               Creative & Contemporary Dance Classes with Under 5’s, 7-9’s and 10-14’s – Lightfoot Sports Centre, Walker, Newcastle

                    1988:               Longbenton People’s Centre, ‘The Sew & Sews’ Women’s Sewing Group – Choreography for Fashion Show

                    1988:               Young Girls’ Creative Dance Class – Kirkwood Centre, Kenton, Newcastle upon Tyne

                    1988:               Cumbria Dance Project – Dance Teacher/Lighting Technician for “Sisters Share” Show

                    1987:               Newswift Housing Co-op, Crouch End, London – Dance/Drama Worker for Half-Term Playschemes

                    1986/87:          Priory Community Theatre, Acton, London, Dance/Theatre Worker

                    1986                Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Wimbledon, Waitress, 2 weeks full time

                    1986                Buckingham Palace, Waitress, Garden Party for the Queen

                    1985                Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Wimbledon, full time Telephonist two weeks

                    1985                Waitress, Pizza Hut, Barnet, Hertfordshire, part-time

                    1985                Cleaner, Barnet, The Domestic Cleaning Service, part-time

                    1984                Enfield Employment Agency, Office work, Clerical Assistant,                                                  

                    1984                Bar work, Enfield

                    1983                Bar work, Tynemouth, Tyne & Wear

        1977-81:          Civil Service, Inland Revenue Department, Washington – Clerical assistant, Receptionist and Telephonist


        Professional Development


        2011 - to Date 'd.i.n.e. danceimprovnortheast '- Independent dance collective interested in Improvisation - founding member Monthly open sessions for all artists, Wylam, Northumberland 

        2013 to present - Postgraduate Research Programme at Chichester University - Interdisciplinary practice re Performance Installation with Prof. Jane Bacon

        2014 – One Day, Durham University, PAR Participatory Action Research with Prof. Rachel Pain

        2014 – half day, Durham University, The Revolting PARticulars of critical participatory action research, Professor Michelle Fine, City University of New York (CUNY)

        3rd June 2013 - CPD training with Lesley Wood Newcastle City Council - Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities, Developing Positive Creative Learning Environments and Evaluation.

        5th June 2013 – Safeguarding with Andy Stephenson from Newcastle City Council's Wellbeing, Care and Learning team and Lesley Wood

        2011 to date - d.i.n.e. dance improvisation north east – a collective of independent dance artists

        2011 – Training, one day, April - Working with people with Learning Disabilities, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead

        2010    P4C – Philosophy for Children, half day training from Newcastle University

        2009    Organ System BMC (Body-Mind Centering) course, Cologne, Germany, 7 days

        2008    Skeleton System BMC course, Cologne, Germany 8 Days

        2007    Visit to Bishops Wood Forest School, Worcester – Creative Partnerships

        2007    The Baltic, Archive Training Re Freelance Artist Education Team

        2006-8 Creative Practice (Hons) degree, majoring in Fine Art, Leeds Met. University

        2006 -   Ontogenetic BMC 4 day course, Cologne, Germany

        2005 -  Senses and Perception course- BMC, Cologne, Germany, 4 days

        2005 -  Body-Mind Centering – The Muscle System, Experiential Anatomy Course, 9 days, Chiemsee, Germany.

        2004 -  Body-Mind Centering – Experiential Anatomy, The Nervous System, 7 days,  Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany – funding – Arts Council England

        2004 - Silk Painting course with artist Karen Vickers

        2003 – Body-Mind Centering, Experiential Anatomy, two courses: ‘Reflexes’ and ‘Basic Neurological Patterns’, Amherst Univ. USA, Massachusetts,  Arts Council England

        2003 - Improvisation Conference, one day, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

        2002- ‘Gathering the Sparks’, National Storytelling Conference, Morpeth

        {C}2002      {C}- Two day course in ‘Protective Behaviours’, Leeds.

        2001-05 – Diploma, part-time, Fine Art, Sunderland University

        2001 – Youth Exchange to Slovakia, visiting Children and Young People’s Homes,

                   theme: Child Protection/Safety of Young People in Europe

        2001 – Two day course – Communicating with Disabled Children

        2001 – Two Day Foundation Course in Child Protection – The Children’s Society

        2000 - One Day training course, ‘Consulting with Children’ Durham County Council

        2000 to 2001- ‘Writing from the Inside Out’ – Creative Writing Course with

                                poet Gillian Allnut, University of  Newcastle

        2000 – Weekend course in Kaizen training:‘The Art of Coaching’- by Rivca Rubin

        1997-9   Foundation Course in Fine Art, Northumbria University, part-time

        1999 -   ‘Dance on Screen’ – a week of workshops looking at dance and

                      performance made for film - ACE – Dance  Umbrella London

        1999-     Leeds - Basic Movement Skills Course for Under Fives, Jabadao

        1999-     Early Years Conference, Northern Arts

        1998-     Hexham, Northumberland - Early Years Education Conference

        1998-     Reggio Emilia Institute, Italy - Early Years Education Conference

        1997- 9   Foundation Course in Fine Art, Northumbria University, part-time

        1996-     European Contact Teachers Conference, Bretton Hall

        1996 -   Story Telling Course, Rising Sun Countryside Centre

        1995-6   ‘A’ Level Art, Longbenton Community college, North Tyneside

        1995 -    'Mothers of Invention' - The Magdalena Project, Cardiff

        1994 -    'Redressing the Sylph' Conference, Leeds Dance Centre, ‘Women and Dance’

        1995 -    Batik – Two day practical course, Artist led, Buddle Arts Centre

        1992 -    Touchdown Dance course, Dartington College:  making work for                  performance with people with visual impairment, one week

        1992 -   New Dance course, one week, Scott Clark, Gregory Nash, Niamh Dowling, Catherine Tucker

        1993 - 1990, 1986-87 - Tai Chi Chuan, regular weekly classes

        1988 –   Amsterdam Theatre School, The Netherlands, One week, new Dance Development, with Juylen Hamilton, Kirstie Simpson

        1988 -    ‘Dance into Theatre School’, one week, English New Dance theatre

        1987 -    Introduction to Community Dance Course - Greater London Arts

        1986-87   Anatomical Release, with Judy Sharpe, Contact Improvisation with Mary Prestidge, Tai Chi Chuan with Hettie Kothari - each one class a week for one year

        1983-86   Performance Art Degree, Middlesex Polytechnic, Middlesex

        1986 – ‘Release’ - one week intensive with Bob Fosse from Germany, Sadlers Wells

        1985 -  Dartington Dance Festival, one week, with Steve Paxton, Julyen Hamilton, Laurie booth, Katie Duck, Fergus Early, Mary Prestidge and Mary Fulkerson

        1984 - Expressive Mime course, one week, with Adam Darius

        1984 – English Dance Theatre, two week summer course, Darlington Arts Centre, with Ethel Winter, Yair Vardi, Nicholas Burge and Gary Nichols.