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Art Lab February 2022
Monday 7 February 2022, 8pm GMT, via zoom
Presenting: Adam King & Susan Francis

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Susan Francis

The effect of lockdown on my practice, the place of materiality in relation to 'being' in the world and the re-enchantment of materials in light of my recent studies into theology, imagination and culture. All of this is feeding into work I am creating for exhibition right now and would be a point for discussion on materiality and object hood in art at a time of such instability, change and environmental concerns. The works explore a vulnerability and tension between control and lack of control in an environment of turbulence, of familiarity and strangeness of humour and poignancy.


Adam King

King’s latest collages and drawings, that transform the discarded stuff of consumerism, present imagery suggestive of defunct technologies, ruins and futuristic, architectural structures. 
He photographs objects and fabrics from mainly second hand and thrift shops. Using software, the raw materials are re-contoured, built up into new elements and layered to create the illusion of 3d space.

In painterly, retro-infused landscapes, barely-recognisable reference evolves with new, ambiguous identity. King borrows from Ernst and Tanguay via anthropomorphic forms that invest the inorganic with life and movement. He also samples from a Youtube diet of Cinema including 70’s Sci-fi and Horror, Geology and Natural History documentaries.

Sometimes the collages are translated through drawings composed in chalk and pastel. Executed on black-painted surfaces, the marks may suggest etching, as if revealed through scratching into the dark ground.


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