Approved: 14.09.2022

Alexandra Barto

Artist, Maker

Approved: 14.09.2022
  • Location: Farnham, South East
  • Contexts: Design, Studio practice
  • Artforms: Ceramics
  • Tags: ceramics, moon jar, british ceramics, wheel thrown pottery, pottery, abstract ceramics, abstract glaze, layered surface, handmade ceramics, contemporary ceramics, yellow ceramic jar, blue ceramic jar

Artist Statement


I took my first ceramics class in 2018, inspired by the work of Yuta Segawa, and started a journey into ceramics that continued my broader experience in the creative arts. My practice had previously been rooted in earth material sculptures and stone carving, so the extension into clay was a natural progression for me. I attend West Street Potters and I have a home studio just outside Farnham. 

My work is inspired by the beauty and transience found in nature, and my practice focusses on the dialogue between traditional forms and the elemental qualities of the materials I work with.  

My core passion is to elevate and give permanence to the quiet and transitory, and recurring themes are explorations of colour, layered textures and intuitive mark making. 

With an emphasis on form and texture, my work has evolved toward moon jar-inspired pieces which appeal to the earthly nature of my practice and also the cultural history of this perfectly imperfect object. Using a dynamic process of layering slips, powder pigments and glazes over the surface, I aim to capture the energy of the making process and link the elemental nature of the clay and maker to the final piece. Each vessel is a one off piece of tactile art evocative of the nature that inspired it. 

Key influences include the concept of wabi-sabi and the work of Eddie Curtis, Akiko Hirai and Akira Satake.

My ambitions for the future are to continue my exploration of forms and mark making, and extend my range of techniques to achieve unique and painterly surfaces. I will persue the concept of interralated pieces in my work, and the idea of sets, and I plan to reach out to acclaimed events and galleries to try to further establish my art.       

CV & Education


White Chalk Gallery, Devizes, Wiltshire 


Group Exhibitions

West Street Potters Winter Exhibition, Surrey (Dec 2021)

West Street Potters Winter Exhibition, Surrey (Nov 2019)

Degree show, Byam Shaw School of Art, London (June 2003)



West Street Potters Bursary Award (April 2020) 




Christmas Fair, Guildford Cathedral, Surrey (December)

Craft in Focus, RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey (November)

Art in Clay, Royal Windsor Racecourse, Surrey (August)

Craft in Focus, RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey (April)

The Great Charity Pot and Print Fair, online (March)



Guildford Craft and Gift Market, Guildford, Surrey (December)

Guildford Craft and Gift Market, Guildford, Surrey (July) 

The Great Charity Pot Fair, online (March)



Shopfest at Denbies Wine Estate, Surrey (December) 



Dorking Artisan Market, Dorking, Surrey (December)



The Lightbox Gallery shop, Woking, UK

Wereld Servizien, online, Germany 

The Sequel To, online and Harrogate, UK

A Piece of Toast, South Korea

Tierra Store, online, UK

Enichd Superfoods, online, UK


Press and Publications

Clay by Design supports Horatio's Garden in the Great Charity Fair (February 2022)

Home and Gardens magazine (January 2021)



Moon jar, private individual, UK (2022)

Matcha bowls, private individual, UK (2021)

Porcelain pebbles, private individual, UK (2021)

Matcha bowls, private individual, UK (2021)

Kurinuki matcha bowls, private individual, UK (2021)

Candle vessel forms, Space in Place, USA (2021)

Moulds for private commission, glass artist, UK (2020)

Kurinuki box, private individual, USA (2020)

Jewel bowl, private individual, UK (2020)

Bowl set, private individual, UK (2020)

Kurinuki planter, private individual, UK (2020)

Espresso cup set, private individual, UK (2020)

Serving bowl set, private individual, UK (2020)

Serving dish, private individual, UK (2020)

Set of vases, private individual, UK (2019)



Workshop with Akira Satake, online (January 2022)

Exploring Japanese Pottery, West Dean College of Arts and Conservation (January 2022)

West Street Potters at Farnham Pottery, Surrey (April 2018 - present)

318 Ceramics at Farnham Pottery, Surrey (June 2018)

Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust, Dorset (2006 - 2009) 

BA in Fine Art, Byam Shaw School of Art, London (2000 - 2003)

Fine Art Diploma, Winchester School of Art (1999 - 2000)