Location: Storiel, Bangor

Five years ago I brought to end my residency documenting the the move of Bangor Museum to Storiel. The work has individually been on display in and around the gallery. To see it now altogether is a great point to look back on the time. The funny thing was that building work ran over so much that my work was only displayed for two weeks originally as Bangor football club was in next showing a collection of programs and memorabilia. I took this on the chin and understanding the importance of the gallery and it place in the community never really thought it as a problem. I think looking back on time with the gallery the support was brilliant and it was import for me to be understanding working to a brief in and around somebody else working day. There was really energy to the whole process. I think the that really stood out for me was (and if you know me may seem strange). I loved being near the traditional welsh Dress and fabric. My love the Caernarvonshire weave fabric

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