A commissioned globe created for The World Reimagined trails in Bristol (this one), Birmingham, Swansea, Leeds, Liverpool, Leichester and London. Each trail explored a theme associated with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. This globe's theme was Echoes in the Present. I thought about the statues, buildings, road names, names of the good and the great that surround us in the places we walk, sit, chat and relax, being reminded of those who made their money from the enslaved and indentured.

This globe is a leagcy to those forgotten by history and need to be remembered for their hard working life they endured, as well as being a globe of continents that do not follow the 'imperial' forom of mapping with Europe at its North etc., but rather starting from African we work our way around the keeping the countries un-distored. The only distortion is the figures, revealing our distorted history and truths.