This is a print made up of a few suffragette African American woman. The image celebrates the unknown women from the past who fought not only for the rights to be recognised as African Americans, but also to raise the rights of women to have the vote.

Each of the women in this image are taken from images of little known or unknown women from the USA found in archival photo libraries. These etchings keep alive their contribution to society and contribute to the phrase: Injustice for some is an injustice for all.

The image has been drawn delicately, using a range of crosshatching to form the images, seeking a balance between the main image and those that are not quite fully formed. The print continues the ongoing project Lost Generations series of works #lostgenerations.

The ink is oil based printing ink and is a mix of drypoint black, prussian blue and carbon black, allowing for a softer black ink print.
Materials used:

Zinc etching, oil based printing ink on fabriano.