'Other Ways to Rest' with Rachel Howfield Massey

Event date: 5 October 2022

As part of our ongoing 'Mental Health for Artists' programme, this event by Rachel Howfield Massey is a rally cry for reclaiming the right to take a break. Rest can be a radical act in a world that prioritises productivity. We know that the best ideas usually come when we haven’t been doing much – but the drive to be productive, the need to earn money, the compulsion to corrupt every beautiful moment by creating an instragram post is addictive and draining.

Rachel is flying the flag for shame-free idleness, wasting time, daydreaming. Join us to explore ideas about strategically stopping. Let’s lead a creative rebellion towards a world where people are well rested.

About Rachel

Rachel is the founder of 'Other Ways to Walk', an initiative the helps people to connect with nature through mindfulness and creativity

Science shows that even brief moments of meaningful connection with nature can lower stress, boost our immune system and increase our sense of purpose and wellbeing. Other Ways to Walk gives you the tools to do this.


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