HOW ARE YOU? — lunchtime performance / therapy session with #Sergina

Event date: 11 January 2022

#Sergina (plural) invites you to HOW ARE YOU? #Sergina's Participatory Soap Opera About Wrestling with Wellbeing in the Digital Age - a lunchtime therapy session that put your wellbeing top of the agenda. The questions we will ask you include:

  • What do you feel?
  • What are you feeling right now?
  • Can you be good to people?
  • Can you make people feel good?
  • Can you heal people, can you heal yourself?
  • Can you be reformative?
  • Can you be positive?
  • Can you be hopeful?
  • What is unity?
  • Can we make each other feel good?
  • Can we be reformative together?

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