Digital Climate Toolkit

James Harrington



Axis / Social ARTery has awarded the Digital Climate Toolkit Commission to James Harrington 

Thought it would be great to tell everyone a bit about what's coming soon…

James works across the fields of art and architecture, using diverse methods to create and build, engaging with people and places, in response to social, environmental, and ecological subjects. He is also a caretaker and Sheffield co-lead of Social Art Network, and is now creating a Climate Action Toolkit for artists.

James Harrington 02

This toolkit is being created to aid in the understanding of the climate emergency, taking action, and how you can integrate your practice to make a positive impact. The toolkit will contain some of James’ knowledge across the arts and cultural sector, acting as navigation to a technical understanding of the climate crisis and sustainable design, developed through their architectural practice and training.

It's a vital document to have access to, providing a means to reconsider the footprint our practice leaves, whilst elaborating on the wider context of the climate crisis.

James Harrington 03

The toolkit will exist as a PDF and will break down the climate crisis into a number of manageable areas, such as:

  • How to take action, from whatever your starting point
  • An introduction to sustainable and climate activist practices that can be utilised within your own practice
  • Recognising the role of social practices and the need for intersectional environmentalism
  • Recognising the environmental impact of the digital world, and its hidden infrastructure
  • Signposts to existing material and resources already available

It will be a growing and working document, initially looking to be published soon and will be accessible through the ARTery!

Image descriptions

Image 1
Photograph of a group of adults and children undertaking a workshop around a table.

Image 2
Photograph of a piece of broken brick on yellow card on a patch of ground.