ArtBomb: The New Fringe

Come join The New Fringe for their 'ArtBomb' event, happening on the 30th November 2019 in Doncaster - it's going to be a 'creative experience'.



What is ArtBomb?

ArtBomb is an event organised by The New Fringe and is taking place at one of our Vacant Spaces in Doncaster on Cleveland Street on the 30 November from 5pm. The event aims to bring a collection of artists, practicing in a range of mediums, together into one space to display and share their work with the public. 

The New Fringe have selected artists, both members and non-members, to establish a 'creative experience' rather than just another traditional exhibition. ArtBomb aspires to be reflective of the vibrant and diverse art scene in Doncaster.

A range of creatives including filmmakers, writers, poets and painters will be displaying their work at the event including established artists Peter Samson and Madeline Pick. As this building has no access to electricity at the moment, the artists will be displaying their work using a range of interesting and unique lighting.  

 Everyone is welcome! 

Though this is a great opportunity for the artists to connect with each other, this is also a great opportunity for the public to see artwork in a space that isn’t a traditional art space. People are encouraged to come and engage with the art and socialise the artists.

The event is completely FREE and food and drink will be available whilst you are there. What better way to spend your Saturday evening than socialising and sharing ideas with new people? 

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How does the Vacant Space Program come into play with this event?

Our Vacant Space program aims to give artists the opportunity to take over unoccupied buildings to create and exhibit their artwork. This particular building was formerly known as the Attey Solicitors, which has been empty for a few years now. The space was then advertised to local artists and The New Fringe took on the space for their projects.

How are the Artists utilising the space? 

The New Fringe have been using this space for all kinds of activities. Some examples being; ‘Art in the Dark’ a session that takes place on a Thursday evening, an Art Auction on the 17th November at 1pm, and then the forthcoming event ArtBomb.

Find out more:

Listen to Sacha and Kim (Artist's apart of The New Fringe group) talk about ArtBomb >>