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Why Sign Up with Axisweb?

Axisweb understands the challenges artists can face - and as a charity we try to solve some of these challenges.We do this by offering a range of services that allow you the freedom to be an Artist.

You can register for a FREE acount with Axisweb - and you will recieve a monthly newletter, the ability to contact and follow other Artists, curate and share your own collection and post art opportunities.

For more information about the different services we provide see below. 

"Axisweb providies an absolutely invaluable service to artists, curators and commissioners across the country."

- Alessandro Vincentelli 

Receive a Monthly Newsletter

What does it include? And what can I expect it to look like?

Our monthly digest contains highlights of the most interesting and unusual contemporary art work, projects, activites and ideas published on Axisweb by our members (artists, makers and art professionals).

The monthly newsletter covers all things new and exciting in the the Art world, with our Artists and what's happening on Axisweb. We send you an email containing that month's news bulletin. It is fast, easy and ensures that you do not miss a thing! 

Typical content included with the letter would be; Artist of the Month, Axisweb news, articles on our artists, Five2Watch, Playlist, Highlights, Vacant Space, What's On, Opportunities and many more.  

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Have a browse through this month's content;

October's monthly e-bulletin includes; an article on Katharina Fitz our Artist of the Month, welcoming an new Axisweb employee, Lady Kitt: Folded Stories, Five2Watch, Highlights, Social Works?: Open, What's On for October and Playlist. Find out more > 

How can I start?

To start recieving this information all you have to do is click on the sign up button and enter your email address - And don't worry it is completely FREE! 

Contact and Follow Artists, Makers & Art Professionals

What does allow me to do?

If you sign up with a FREE account on Axisweb you have the ability to create your own profile, on which you can store and document your work  to build a portfolio that other's can access. This also allows you to contact and follow other Artists who are members of Axisweb. You can personalise your own activity feed by filling it with work that you enjoy and work that inspires you. 

Why is this service helpful to me?

It helps get your name and work out there into the Art world.

It is an easy and simple way of helping you stay connected with other Artist's. It gives you a platform to digitally display your work - and if you keep your profile updated you could be in with the chance to be featured in our Five2Watch articles. 

"[Axisweb] has helped me to connect with other arts professionals."

- Holly Slingsby 


Curate and Share your own Collection

Why is this service helpful to me?

Enjoy the endless amounts of artworks, projects and activities by contemporary artists by curating and sharing a collection of your favourites on Axisweb.

Build your profile by adding artworks that you enjoy. This feature allows you to express your interests with other Artist members, helping them understand what artworks you like. 

It enables you to organise your favourites into a collection that you can later view on your profile - you can create as many collections as you like!

Post Art Opportunities

What does this allow me to do?

This service allows you to submit and share your own Art Opportunities. We will then post them on our Art Opportunities page for our Directory Members to see. All you have to do is fill in the form and then we will check it and post on our platform.

We also offer additional advertising for a small fee (promoting on our website, in our monthly newsletter etc.). 

What the form looks like;

Why is this beneficial to me?

Sharing your Art Opportunities with Axisweb allows you to reach thousands of Artists and Professionals quick and easy. We'd be helping you by promoting your Opportunity on our platform and you'd be helping other Artists access more Opportunities - it's a win win service!

You can personalise your Opportunity - the service enables you to specify exactly what want from the Artist(s) and who you are looking for.

This service can then be further advanced withthe 'Opportunity Finder' membership. Find out more about the 'Opportunity Finder' membership >

How can I start?

To start recieving these services, all you have to do is click on the sign up button to become a free member - And don't worry it is completely FREE!  

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