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What is our monthly email bulletin?

Within our monthly e-bulletin we include; exciting and relevant news about what is going on in the Art world, with our Artists, Art opportunities and what's happening on Axisweb.

It is a great way to stay well informed, find out information fast and also stay connected with Art and other Artists. We always like to include articles on our members so that you can see what other Artist's are doing in their practise.

The best part is it is you can get all of this delivered to you and it is completely FREE!


Why is this beneficial to me?

We provide all of this information within our monthly newsletter which is sent via email - the email ensures that you can easily access Art news, fast and in one place. As it is an email the information is always stored on your device, so you can revisit the newsletter another time.

Signing up to the monhtly email reduces the need to scroll through pages and pages of irrelevant content - we do it all for you and deliver it straight to your device!

And don't worry we personally ensure that all the news featured in the email bulletin is interesting, beneficial and helpful to you and your practice.

"We would be lost without it!"

- Dawn Giles 


What kind of content does it include?

The newsletter includes the usual featured content on the website and more. Some examples of featured categories would be; 

Artist of the Month, Axisweb news, articles on our artists, Five2Watch, Playlist, Highlights, Vacant Space, What's On, Opportunities and more. 

All content that is selected for the monthly e-bulletin is chosen because it could be useful to the reader. We offer a range of content to ensure that we cater to all.

Axisweb wants to help you, as an Artist, to grow and develop your practice - this monhtly email incorperates Art information that could help with that!  

(See below this month's content to get a better flavour of what we offer.) 


How can I access this information?

You can access this information by signing up to our monthly email - it is completely FREE! 

Forget having to constantly search for Art news we'll do all the work for you - all you have to do is sign up below to directly recieve monthly emails. 

Click on the sign up button below. Simply input your email and recieve all of this information and more. 

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Monthly Content in the Bulletin - October 2019